Tips for a Successful Wedding First Dance

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The prom opening is one of the highlights of your wedding party. A moment of star where all the glances will be directed on you and which will set the tone of your evening.

Traditionally, the bride opened the dance with her dad while the groom was dancing with his mum. It was the last father-daughter moment before this one gave his daughter to her now husband. The bride and groom would then meet again after, a magical and unforgettable moment!

Nowadays, the bride and groom often tends to start the dance and to chain on the evening dancing. As you know, the  first dance is much awaited because everything is allowed! So as much to put all the chances on your side to succeed well. Here are some practical tips:

If you opt for a classic ballroom opening with a waltz, choose a French waltz (the basic step is simpler than that of the Viennese waltz). Take a song not too fast, train yourself and you will make a sensation.
If you opt for an original first dance opening with a mix of several music, make sure you have well-made musical transitions (ask your DJ for help) and above all train yourself!

If you do not feel too dancing, you can either take dance classes or opt for a slow. After all, it’s better to have a simple dance, but where you’re comfortable, rather than a complicated choreography with hesitant steps. The opening of first dance must remain a moment of pleasure accomplice between the newlyweds.

Let your darling do the Dirty Dancing. Unless you are a couple of distinguished dancers you risk, at best to deceive yourself, even to hurt yourself.
Do not choose a first dance that is too long, 3 to 4 minutes is fine, beyond that is a bit long for the guests who is there waiting.
At the end of your opening dance, follow the rhythmic music and make your guests dance. A great atmosphere guaranteed!
Finally, something important to remember, if you dance with your  shoes, congratulations! Otherwise, consider lower shoes, and think of raising the bottom of your dress a bit (the safety pin can be very useful).